Beauty is all around us.

By Grace55

Pink rose and yellow rose.

I went to Christian Fellowship and enjoyed singing some new choruses.
The weather has grown cloudier and cooler today so we did not go and sit in the tea room beside the river, as it would have been far too breezy and chilly.
Both Mum and my Dad were avid gardeners when I lived at home with them and my sister.. My nephew helps my Mum with the lawn trimming and she loves her plants and the wild birds, but not the squirrel. She is ninety now, and life is more of an effort, but Mum enjoys her independence.
The pink rose is from a bush in the Church garden. It is quite amazing because each rose is uniquely different colours and sometimes banded.
The yellow rose is fragrant and there is a whole rose bed full of them in Turrets Garden, a peaceful Council tended green space, smaller than a park but with old benches and beautiful bird song at various times in the day.
Enjoy a happy Father's Day. Thank you for visiting my journal.

From Holy Shift by Robert Holden.
Grace is acceptance
of the Love of God within 
a world of seeming
hate and fear.

By grace alone
the hate and fear are gone,
for grace presents a state so opposite
to everything the world contains,
that those whose minds are lighted
by the gift of grace can not
believe the world of fear
is real.

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