Morning Walk

Cookie and Doggie (Helle's dogs) were here for a sleepover whilst Helle celebrated her brother's wedding. 

We had a quiet night and I woke up to 5 'full of energy' dogs. I bought myself a little time with a chew treat and had coffee and breakfast before taking them all to the training field. 

I had a training session with Hero and Gollum and then we continued to the Academy Garden, where I took all 5 dogs for a walk. They have settled well with each other, so walking them was not a problem. Phew!

We came home, the dogs took a nap and I vacuumed and sorted some other stuff. 

We met with Helle in Ringsted at 3 pm. Helle and I took the dogs for a walk in the woods and then Helle took Cookie and Doggie home with her and the boys and I went home alone.

It has been very easy to have 2 extra dogs. They have settled in so well very quickly, but it has still been tiring for the boys. They are all fast asleep now. Helle has sent a picture of Cookie and he looks exhausted too. It was fun to have their friends here, but I think they are all pleased that life has returned to normal again.

Biscuit is walking a little better, but he is still not 100%. Fingers crossed that he will be soon. 

Happy Sunday
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys  

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