That is, Terminal 2 in the new West Terminal of Helsinki Port, newly constructed for ferries from - inter alia - Tallinn.

I chose this photograph because it shows how much is going on there. Dock cranes in the background, as well as building cranes - there's a huge amount of housing going up on what used to be dockland. Plus every means of transport imaginable: trams, cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians.

It was the first time we'd headed down to this terminal, and we weren't departing on a day trip to Tallinn, but rather acting as a welcome committee for RW, who passed through Helsinki today after a conference in Tallinn, on his way home. It was great to see him. We went for lunch at KuuKuu (not to be confused with our favourite Kuu, but very good in its own way), and then for a coffee down on Töölönlahti, before putting him on the airport bus. It was extremely warm in the sun, but there was a cooling breeze by the water. Sitting by the open window now in the flat, I've also had to put a cardigan on.

RW was just asking us whether we'd made lots of new friends in Helsinki, and of course we haven't really met that many new people. But we have met a few, and by sheer chance we ran into TP and SG just as RW was asking me that question. A quick arrangement to meet TP for lunch this week was made, and RW also gave them his card, as it was clear that they knew colleagues at Helsinki University who have interests in common with RW. Good to make the connection, as RW really fancies coming back here for a conference or similar. Well, who wouldn't especially with weather like this!

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