Fathers’ Day


I happened to be speaking in South Ayrshire this afternoon, and made my way there after dropping in on the wonderful first day in business of the new patisserie in Bute , opened by two Syrian families now resident there. A picture of some of their amazing produce is my extra pic.

Cathleen and I stopped to walk Rula in Alloway and we wandered down to the Auld Kirk . The first thing one sees as one walks into the kirkyard is the gravestone of Robert Burns’ father, William

I had forgotten that on the obverse side Is the verse that Burns wrote in tribute to his father on his death which are not only moving but also illustrate his breadth of knowledge, for the last line is a direct quotation from Goldsmith’s “The Deserted Village” , published in 1770, some 14 years before William died. .

I dont think I have ever seen these in situ and I was interested to see that the quotation is marked as such.

Anyway, it is a fine expression of filial love and appreciation . Earlier in the day my own son had also sent me a nice message, through not in verse. Thanks.....

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