By feorlean

And then there were two...

Tigear ( blipped above) and Orla , to be precise.

Poor Gizmo had been fading fast and two weeks ago just took off during the night. I took the extra picture of her uploaded here the last day I saw her alive.

She always preferred being out of doors in the worst of weathers and despite her long hair she would sit completely unperturbed in a rain storm getting completely soaked through.

She was quite a disturbed wee cat , never very sociable ( she would hide under the sofa whenever we had visitors) and increasingly chaotic. But her nature was gentle.

Yesterday evening Cathleen found her body which we think must have been up on the hill beside the house . We suspect Rula discovered it and brought it down - she appeared a bit anxious at the whole thing as did the other two.

We were able to bury her not far from where Toots was buried two years ago. They were related but very different and Tigear , seen here, is now the last part of the Sunwick Farm Cat gang we were kindly gifted by Aileen & Andrew Orr.

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