Hands off the children!

Several hundred people in Portland spent Father's Day protesting the separation of children from their parents at the borders. Now there is a contingent of activists "occupying" the area around the ICE building, which is where the rally was today, and where the silent meditation was last Thursday. They plan to stay there until Trump's "Zero Tolerance" policy comes to an end and the children are reunited with their parents. We know that irreparable harm is being done to the children. We know there is nothing we can do as individuals; but we hope that if we keep operating as communities of hundreds, and then thousands, and then hundreds of thousands, something might change. We don't know if our actions can make change, but we have to act as if they will, or we will all go mad with grief. 

Tomorrow I am going down to Salem (our State capitol) with the Poor People's Campaign, and then to a rally at a prison where some of the men who have been arrested at the border are being kept. It's hard to know what to do, there are so many actions at the same time. I wanted to go down to the vigil/occupation tonight, but I am exhausted, and my ride leaves tomorrow morning for the next thing. So I give you this one crowd shot I took today: may it be so.

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