Morning Sky

Another beautiful sky this morning. Much more subtle than the one a few days ago but still beautiful. I like the black and white version so here it is. Type "L" for the large version. I used my little Sony RX100 to take this photo because I have no body at the moment. Well I do, but my camera doesn't. I sold both of my used GH2 bodies and ordered a G5 with some cash left over for the second body I plan to have when we travel to Africa next year. I have a GH3 on order. It has taken two years for Panasonic to come up with an upgrade for the GH2. I've been reading really good things about it and I am quite excited about getting one. Those two bodies and the lenses I have will be my equipment for the safari next spring.

Went to play bridge with the ladies today. I had fun but my cards were really awful. I had bupkis. In case you are wondering, that is a Yiddish word for nothing. Arvin says it means goat turds. Sounds about right as far as my cards were concerned. ;-)

The evening Dave and Nora and Steve are all coming over for dinner. Then we'll watch the election returns. In case you are wondering, Arvin and I both voted for Obama. No more politics but we are both Democrats and hope the President stays in office for another term.


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