Fall View

Seems like I say the same things every day: it was a busy day; we went out and did stuff; I took photos from the deck; here is today's photo of a) jays, b) crows or c) our view.

And it was. And I did. And this is option "c". Big Fat Option C Here! I also took pictures of the birds today. (That explains the crazy 1000th of a second exposure time... that is bird catching fast.) Decided to post some of those on Chaikins of Bellingham.


It really has been super busy around here with all kinds of reasons to rush around madly all day long. I don't see much end in sight though I would most definitely welcome some unscheduled days. I yearn for them truly. Sigh.

I hope I'll have some time to make some comments later today. I'm way behind because of the above recent daily schedule but do want to catch up and reconnect with all you lovely people.


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