Peonies in the Morning

The peonies are so beautiful that I feel compelled to photograph them as much as I can before the petals fall. Compare this shot taken in the morning with the extra taken in the evening. The white balance was set to cloudy for each one, but the light on the peonies in the morning looks much bluer than the evening shot, which looks decidedly warm. The petals spread out much more between morning and evening.

Third physio gym session today. I managed to get on the big bike. Slight difficulty reaching the pedals with my right foot but I hope to be spot on by next Monday. Talked to the physio about the pain I still have at night. She told me I had to get it sorted because not being able to sleep through affects recovery. So it's Co codamol for me at nights now.

I insisted on driving home. Len was a bit reluctant initially but I managed. Then I drove to Ashby de la Zouch this afternoon to collect my exhibition photos from the tourist information centre. That's enough activity for today, although I did make dinner. Good result for England in the footy despite a 'blind' referee.

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