Mono Monday - Square

What came first, Tetris or Blokus? And do we care? I really wanted to go seek out the chocolate in the kitchen cupboard, but I was reliably informed that was an inappropriate use of 90% cocoa loveliness. Dammit.

Blokus is one of those games that will no doubt come in useful at some stage, but I can't remember when it was last brought out. Like Monopoly and Ludo, you have to be in a certain frame of mind.

The day has been filled with visiting relatives, which is awesome of course; smashing to see them and Janet cooked a smashing lunch. We did the post-wedding de-brief and photo review and put the world to rights. Again.

But the bed is strewn with the clothes I got out in anticipation of preparing for the weekend's motorcycle trip to Scotland. And now I can't go to bed until I've cleared up!

For those of you viewing in black and white, the green tiles are under the purple...

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