The Lighted Life

By Giacomo

One Nation

I have blipped this spot from a different perspective many moons ago. Yet I am doing it again tonight as a reminder to all of us whom live under this flag that - no matter the outcome of today - we are one nation and one collective body. Like the ceiling in this image, we are a study of many diverging lines and differing contrasts. But, it is my greatest hope for this country that our elected officials will put the "divide and conquer" politics behind us and will find the tolerance, courage and compassion to reach a common and progressive path. Perhaps this change in our ways is wishful thinking on my part but it is my most lasting thought of the day.

I had a tremendously busy day with little time to blip except on my way to lunch and I was not able to see as many images or to comment as much as I would have liked to. But, thankfully, I also had little time to watch all the political spin on TV. Tomorrow I will be travelling and off-line most of the day but I will hopefully catch-up with you all later in the week. Please have a great over-the-hump day and thanks for your kind comments and views.

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