Mono Monday: Week 230 .....

.... Square.

Posting this got a little interesting .....

I worked on my MM pictures this morning (Tuesday) but when I went to upload them to blip I saw that my internet was out.

There was a short (no more than 30 seconds) power outage this morning that must have knocked out the internet.  I thought it was a local outage until I called Verizon.  The tech said it was just us and that we needed a new modem.  I quickly called R to see what he wanted me to do. He suggested Amazon and I was able to order straight from my smartphone  .... sometimes technology is awesome! We will be getting the new modem by tomorrow!

In the meantime I had to come up with an alternative way to post. Unfortunately,  my laptop doesn't seem to always recognize my smartphone when I cable it .... so I copied the files to a thumb drive and transferred to R's laptop.  He then transferred the files to my smartphone so that I could use the blipfoto app! I have an extra to post as well but I don't know if it's possible through the app.

Note:  The extra has been added thanks to the suggestion of johnsmiley1321! Thanks, John!!

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