The impatient hand

Homing in on his broccoli pie, which in turn came before his korvapuusti. Well, it would be rude not to try all the delights before we leave on Saturday... And I put a wee conversation piece in the extras. This paddle boarder had just fallen in (unfortunately I didn't quite manage to capture the moment), in today's rather high winds. It would seem that he had decided that the sensible way to get back to dry land was on his knees rather than his feet.

A slighty annoying day, as packing started in earnest today, but I wasted most of the afternoon wrestling unsuccessfully with the UPS website, trying to get the right collection date in place. Finally, with a bit of assistance from the Töölö Towers staff, managed to get a slightly over-engineered solution sorted out. Now, we just have to cross our fingers that everything will go in, as it should do. And that my solution to label printing also works out tomorrow.

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