Waiting for the tram

There's been some pretty varied weather here today. It was cold, grey and windy when we went out about 10am. Later on there was a very grey rain storm, which lasted about half an hour. Later still it brightened up considerably, after we came out of the pub after some "farewell drinks" with some colleagues from the Law Faculty. But that wasn't the end of it. As we came back across the car park, I pointed out a huge cloud burst in the northern skies. Indeed, it's passed across here, complete with a modicum of thunder and lightening. And now it's bright again. and I've just been somewhat confused by the time. It's so bright here at 9.30pm, you could easily be duped into thinking it's still mid afternoon. The Finnish weather has obviously been taking changeability lessons from the Scottish weather. Preparing us for home, perhaps.

It was lovely to spend some time with a variety of Law Faculty colleagues - thanks to EK, SLH and PM for organising it! We tried not to get too maudlin' on the way back on the tram.

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