Drips & Seaweed

Shortest day, onwards and upwards from here. Frosty start and wall to wall sunshine all day. Brilliant.
I guess this is an abstract, but whether it is a geometric abstract is another story.  My entry for Abstract Thursday.
I was at the hairdressers at 9 am this morning, and out by 9.30am.  

I've been having trouble with my left foot, swelling and pain, the pain especially when in bed.  My Podiatrist recommended a particular shoe for wearing around the house and to give my comfy slippers the heave ho.  
Leaving the shops, (with the bank balance considerably lighter) I went down to the wharf to see what I could find.....geez it really makes me cross, there are very high security fences  everywhere, no chance to get a decent photo.  The harbour was looking magnificent, flat water, smashing light an oodles of reflections.  Poked the lens through the wire and this is the best I could do. This dripping rope with seaweed was attached to a fishing boat....I liked the contrasting colours above and the resulting reflections.
And to think back when I was a teenager we used to water ski around the harbour and Evans Bay - not a chance to do that these days.

Another 250 odd images (Surreal Landscapes) marked this afternoon - whilst its a sit down job, I'm feeling very tired.  Two more sections to go.


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