From humble beginnings . . . this is one of the first pieces I ever did, circa 1977 and has traveled many miles on my Dad's boat (Gair Na Mara) with me and been trans-Atlantic twice.  It's moved house a few times too!  

It is just too hot to be outside today and when I was dusting this on the wall I thought it would make a nice blip.  

Things progressed from there . . . (See extra)
I did the top piece for my Aunt Linda in the 1980s and am currently doing it again for myself.  The one for my cousin B-L was my very first piece.  I took a photo of a very old sampler and copied it.  I did the Mackenzie crest for my maternal grandmother and I loved working on cloth rather than cross-stitch material. 

I have gotten so out of the habit of doing needlework and really should do more of it again.  

My only goal for today is to stay cool.  

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