Gunning It!

Go, go, go little one. Totally gunning for him as he flew like a rocket over the island trying valiantly to get straight to the burrow avoiding the predators!

A glorious day with stunning weather and loved every minute! 

Took the boat out of Seahouses harbour this morning landing firstly on Staple Island where this shot was taken. Puffins everywhere, guillemots, shags and razorbills, 3 types of tern and Simon King on Inner Farne (of Springwatch fame etc) doing his thing too! 1600 photographs to go through and there is no chance tonight so I've quickly picked one. 

My feelings seeing the tiny puffins flying in with beakfuls of food for their chicks and being robbed by the black-headed  and herring gulls  ..... outrage! Sad to see but it is nature. This guy made it!

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