....round the local airfield, not much happening today.

Just as I arrived this Corby Starlet had touched down and was taxiing along. Built in Timaru, it was completed in 1977. It has been owned by a succession of owners in the South Island.

The Corby Starlet is a single seat, amateur-built aeroplane designed in the 1960s by Australian aeronautical engineer John Corby. The structure is primarily wood and finished with fabric. It is used for cross country flying and aerobatics.

I thought it would be a good one for my scavenger hunt with the item being 'capital letters'.

A reasonably nice day although just after noon a nor'west wind was getting up. One of the instructors came out and turned his plane round to stop it rocking. It was not long after this that the mountains were no longer visible. 

My extras: the airfield today, looking towards the east and then to the west, there's a hint of changing weather between the hangar's.

Have a great week everyone :)

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