By flying

Wonders of nature.....

.....monarch butterflies in the morning light set against a tree in the park still in autumn shades. Looking carefully there is one monarch starting to wake up, just being able to catch a glimpse of bright orange.

I've had a wonderful day with blipper mpp26. Usually we start our day with a sunrise but not today, instead we left a little later to be able to see the monarch's in a local park in my town. There were groups of them through the western red cedar tree, it was amazing! 

We then went to a local wetlands and discovered a family of black swans, mum and dad with 5 older cygnets. Mum was a bit feisty towards the younger ones, nipping them every now and then while dad watched on. I think she thought we had some food and she might miss out! They all missed out as we were empty handed.

Time for lunch, we decided on Brick Mill as after lunch we enjoyed a lovely wander along the beach. The waves looked magnificent as they crashed onto shore with a light breeze catching the spray. We saw terns, gulls, spotted shags, pied stilts and a kingfisher or two.

Today was really about nature, enjoyed sharing with another blipper my my side. Thanks M for a wonderful day :)

Happy Monday everyone :)

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