Job done!

Feeling virtuous as I had a mass sewing in of ends session on my temperature blanket and it is all much tidier now.

They were getting rather tangled so I couldn’t put the dreaded deed off any longer. I think I may sew in as I go from now on to save a marathon session later.

It was a good thing to do on a boiling hot day as it kept me nice and cool inside. It was way too scorchio for me to be outside. We did go out first thing for breakfast and then to SportsDirect so I could get some things for Leo’s birthday. It was a very successful shopping trip and we are all sorted now - new boots (size 7 - eek!) and a new aparis footie kit all waiting for the big day.

Looks like we are in for a week of warm days - and if it goes as the forecast suggests then there will be another new colour on my temperature blanket by the end of the week. We’ll see!

P.S. does anyone else get obsessed when their stats tell them they have tagged 99% of their blips! I am trying to find the untagged entry and it is driving me mad. Is there any easy way of doing this other than viewing them one by one? I know it doesn’t really matter but is is bugging me!

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