If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

30 Days Wild Day 23 - Collared Dove

OK so I have broken my self imposed rule for the 30 days wild.  This is a shot through the window to wards the bird feeders.  My excuse?  A very busy day, in which I knew I would have little or no chance to take shots of wild things.

The day was being taken up by prepping the Lodge, which normally takes to early afternoon and then soon after we arrived home "The Mate" was coming round.  As "drink would be taken" he was staying so it was going to be a late night.

At the moment we are  seeing a lot of the Collared Doves as one of the fledglings has decided that the feeding station is a good place to spend much of its day.  Mum and Dad visit it quite often.  Collared Doves always seem special to me as when I was born there were none in the UK.  They arrived in the 50s and I didn't see my first until the mid 60s.  On Iona of all places. 

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