Week 25.

On Monday we went to play in a park with my friend and her daughter who's same age as my son.
It's always nice to see friends and their kids because it's interesting to see their development! :) My friends girl has started to talk few two word sentences! :)
Our kids still don't play together much, they are still learning that skill but they follow each other in the park and watch what the other is doing etc. They are so cute.

On Tuesday I was working again and went to the gym also.

Wednesday we went to the centrum to eat lunch with Otto and our son. Also we visited a grocery store and our son had for the first time a shopping cart. He didn't handle it at all... :D He was crashing to the shelves and want to take all the cereals which had animal pictures from the lowest shelve.... :D
I also went to the gym before Otto went to work.

On Thursday we drove to Imatra. We're 'celebrating' the Midsummer with our families.

Midsummer eve was on Friday.
We went to see a bonfire that was held by one church.
Then we ate good food with Ottos parents.

On Saturday we went too see some sheeps near my moms house. They we're cute.
We played outside, ate good food and relaxed.

And today, Sunday, I saw my friend. We went to see what the stores have in sale because the season sale started but didn't find anything. Oh, sorry I found couple of socks for my son. We wanted to for a coffee in some nice cafeteria but all were closed or didn't have anything to serve with the coffee.
Finally we went to one gas station.. :D there was coffee and hot chocolate and fresh donuts.

In the evening we went to Ottos parents cottage to sauna and I went to swim for the first time this summer! The water was cold, only +16,5 celsius. Otto didn't dare to swim.
Our son paddled in the water for a while and he was laughing alot when I went to swim..

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