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Today I was able to attend another church when I should have been preaching at my own. I can see occasions arising when I might use a sermon as an excuse to stay on my own patch, but the invitation to attend a friend's celebrations of 40 years since ordination was one I didn't want to turn down. (So thanks to the pals who preached and played the organ for us ...)

Kenny and I met at Cursillo. I was a member of my first team after going on a weekend; he was an ordained participant. I was asked to do one of the lay talks, and the thought of talking about Piety (the set subject) to an audience of clergy as well as laity was giving me grief. But it turned out to be a turning point.

I'd always known that it was a significant moment for me, one which has resulted in my regularly preaching and doing Intercessions in our church, but what I didn't know until today was that it had been one for Kenny as well, a time when he and I both recognised the role that lay people could play in church without going - often quite unsuitably - for ordination. 

And now it's 40 years since my pal Kenny was ordained; it's almost 18 years since I met him and 18 years since he began his ministry in St Augustine's. 40 years of service, of hard work - it's quite a thing. And today it was joyfully celebrated by the people whom he serves - and by us, his friends. I think the joy shows in this photo.

Here's to you, Kenny, faithful servant and friend.

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