The Least Expectations Give The Greatest Rewards

An early start to take China out for a lesson at a local yard. I wasn’t too bothered about the lesson part, It was more about using the experience for me and China to get used to travelling and going out and about to different places together.

Isn’t it funny how the least expectations often give the greatest rewards? Well I loved the lesson and the instructor (who I had never had a lesson with before) was great, she loved China and gave me loads of hints and tips on how to keep building his strength and improving his movement.. and he was such a good boy and we had the whole lesson without any whinnies.

In the afternoon as everyone was off doing their own thing, I went with my friend Lucy and her lovely mare Frankie to watch her compete. I had a slight ulterior motive in wanting to check out the venue as it was new to me. She did really well and when I left she was in the top three. The venue was great but being a bit off the beaten track, it will be a special occasion venue for me!

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