I was going to wait until we went to the dentist to see if I could find anything tiny, but it was such a beautiful morning, that a walk round the garden seemed a better idea.

Mr. HCB, as usual, had been out since about 6.00 a.m. and was busy watering, so I wandered around looking for something tiny.  I found a little twisty thing and the colour of it caught my eye, so I decided to try that.  However, after several shots with just the 18-55 lens, I decided that I had to get out the macro lens, which I did.  Then I took a few more shots, without the tripod, and realised that to get anything half decent, I needed to set the tripod up and try again.

I still hadn’t had my first cup of coffee, so was thinking I would just leave it and find something later, but because the garden was cool, thought it would be better to do it now, rather than wait.

Another little palaver as the ground is quite uneven and I’m not really that au fait with using a tripod.  However, after a while, I sorted myself out and started shooting the mystery item.  By now, you know it is taken in the garden - I gave that one away - but you may not know what the twisty thing is.  Then, when I was looking through the viewfinder, this little ant came along and had a sniff about.  That was the deciding point for my Blip - so you know this is an ant - but do you know what it’s crawling on?  Not a brilliant photograph, and I could have stayed longer, but by this time, the ant had moved to pastures new and I didn’t know if it would come back.

Now I must go and have my cup of coffee before we go to the dentist - hopefully we won’t need anything done.  Have a good day - looks as if it will be another hot one here so once again, there will be no housework done!

“It’s not enough to be busy,
     so are the ants.
The question is,
     What are we busy about?”
Henry David Thoreau

P.S.  Many thanks to the first two people who commented - it is a "tendril" - not a "twisty thing" - but my brain doesn't always work that well first thing in the morning!

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