Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Symmetry with red

I couldn't resist using this photo of several I took of the white yacht anchored this afternoon in Loch Striven - partly because I love the apparent dark green of the water, but also partly because I know of all the photos I took this one will look best on a phone screen...

A warm, still afternoon which had clouded over significantly since the sunny morning - it even tried to rain in Innellan on our way home though it was off again by the time we arrived home. The sky was pale grey, with a line of hard turquoise to the south above Arran. It grew very quiet and still as we turned to go back - no ripples in the water nor wind in the trees. Later the sun reappeared and the evening was perfect, but throughout it stayed warm and the air was scented with flowers.

My extra photo is of this boat and its neighbour, with the hills of Arran outlined against the blue that by now was on its way upriver to us.

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