Too hot to play

Pretty warm in Oban today - 26°C according to the website. I went down to the Rockfield Centre where there was a Community Drop-in event to discuss flooding in Oban, probably not the best day to discuss such a subject! When I arrived I was the only visitor to meet the five officials. I thought I'd better start keeping up with local events as I've recently been shanghaied into joining the Community Council.

I took the long way home as I wanted to check on the Millenium Garden;  a month or two ago we moved a couple of shrubs and I wanted to see how they were - fine, as it happened. My Blip today is of the under-5s playpark, rather quiet on such a warm day, warm for Oban, that is! Behind the playpark is the Millenium Garden and behind that the over-5s playpark, closed for months now because of the sinking surface.

My extra is a tongue in cheek shot of what the tourists are wearing in Oban this year!

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