By hjarald

The Dutch Bambino Car

Somewhere end nineteen fifties / beginning sixties, my granddad owned a car! This was pretty unusual in the working man class and he was one of the only three cars in the entire street - how things have changed, nowadays a family with children already own approx three cars on average!

And.... to call this a car seems pretty strange in this era. This Dutch built Bambino can probably only be found in the Louwman Car Museum!

Anyway, when I was an infant I was damn proud of my Grandpa's car and so was he!
I didn't even know I still had a picture of it, but today I found this one.

some wiki:
This funny-looking, egg-shaped little car with its single-cylinder, 200 cc JLO two-stroke engine was effectively a Dutch product. It was basically a German Fuldamobil, built under licence in the mid-1950s by the conveyance manufacturer Alweco in Veghel, Holland, and named the ‘Bambino’. Other countries such as Chile, Greece, England and India also built the Fuldamobil under licence.

The Bambino enjoyed only limited success in the Netherlands. A four-wheeled version, the Sport, was introduced in 1957. It goes without saying that this considerably underpowered two-seater was not a credit to its model name and vanished as quickly as it appeared.

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