By hjarald

Yucca’s are seldom seen Outdoor

The yucca plant--scientifically known as Yucca aloifolia, and also called Spanish dagger plant and the aloe yucca--is a spiky-leaved perennial shrub native to the Southwestern United States. 

As member of the agave family, a yucca features sharp, evergreen leaves that can reach over 2 feet long, and tall spikes of pure white flowers in the summer. Tolerant of salt, heat, wind and drought, the yucca makes a dramatic accent planting in coastal areas, but not really for a moist and cold Dutch sea climate garden. 

The aloe yucca plant grows with little difficulty outdoors in warm-climate coastal areas; if you live in a zone where the temperature drops below freezing, you should grow your yucca in a container and bring it inside during harsh weather. With some basic care, your aloe yucca will add texture and interest to your landscape for many years.

I’m glad the residents of this house took the effort as it makes a great IR tryout for my recently converted secondhand Sony a7 body.

* info on the yucca plant by Carol Sarao

Enjoy, have a nice day!

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