By wellsforzoe

Seedlings on the farm: #onemillion

26th June 2018:

This is Joyce one of our longest serving employees on the farm.
She came, looked for a job, we took her on and gave her a house to live in with her son Boyd.
Ten years later she is still with us while we fund Boyd who is a third Year student in the College of Natural Resources (NRC), 400 km away in Lilongue the capital, studying Horticulture
Why the story: well Joyce came to us as someone Deaf and Dumb, but more and more she has learned to speak English.

Here she is potting tubes to plant pine trees next week.
She does about 500 per day and  with the other women they will soon reach their target of 50,000 but just in case they are doing 60,000.

The target her is for about 50,000 budded and grafted fruit trees as well

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