Privileged White Boy

What's going on down at the Mexican border isn't just immigration, asylum, gangs, drugs and.. but many migrant worker too.. My home state has American farmers (most multi generations) with produce that is rotting in the field due to lack of workers..Until people who voted for our current president, who wants to build a wall and keep everyone out (but cheap labor?) takes a job on a farm that...
Pays less than minimum wage
12 hour plus shifts in 100 degree plus heat
Hours of bending - flexing
No benefits 
And if you speak up - one phone call and you could be set to detention, jail and / or sent back with nothing...

For 16 years I hauled produce out California to stores in the Seattle area. A privileged white boy dealing with privileged white boys in suits. Many many times, I sat in a 68 F degree office watching men and women out in 100 plus degree weather, toiling away so we can have cheap produce to buy at the local store. 

We are talking about human beings that are coming to America for the same reason my white ancestors did, for a better life... 

On a happy note this song always gets me to smile.. and gives me hope things will work out in the end..

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