Following yesterdays blip it seems these are all scarecrows all over the village in preparation for the Scarecrow Festival at the weekend. This all seems a little Pagan if you ask me (not that Pagan is a bad thing, far from it).
Today I saw this rather large crow, I think it looks like it could easily take on any of the many scarecrows scattered around the village.

H's Porsche has a warning light on it which although I can read (it's running a bit lean) I didn't want to try and fix so I took it to a local specialist. We had a chat and they did the initial bit of fault finding. The prognosis is that it's ok to drive, it needs more investigation but taking out for a bloody good thrash is probably a very good idea.. How convenient ;)

Then parents evening with Poppy. What a little star she is, we are very proud of her.

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