Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Serene swans

Going about as a flotilla. The previous swan couple used to patrol the boundaires of the pond, as the new parents are doing. I don't know if this is the new swan couple's first family, or whether they have moved to Blackford Pond from somewhere else, but they are doing very well -  still seven cygnets and they all seem to be growing up fast. They are about twice the size they were on my last visit, just over two weeks ago.

Otherwise, there was a mum mallard with three ducklings - probably the survivors of the six I saw last time. I hope they carry on surviving! I also saw two moorhen nests with moorhens sitting on them - one in a good situation, in the greenery on the far bank, and the other in a much more exposed place, between the branches of one of the trees overhanging the pond. Time will tell as to how they get on.

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