Here's another one!

Dear Diary,

On my way home from the oral surgeon I came across more roadside painted rocks and despite how I was feeling, not so good I must admit, I pulled over to capture these out of season stone snow people.  I definitely would have smiled if my whole face wasn't frozen with Novocain!  This is the dedication of  passionate blippers!

The strange thing is that I used my Coolpix and this time the image quality was good.  I guess there was enough light.  I carry the camera in my pocketbook for just this sort of thing and I was glad I had it.  I'm sure I'm not the only person to stop and photograph this charming, albeit wintery, couple.

Today is a healing and rest day and I hope I am up for my day trip tomorrow to a place I've been wanting to go for years and years.  I have already decided that regardless of a little discomfit, I'm going.  I got my tickets six months ago, you have to as there is very limited access to the island and they only allow a few visitors each year.  Have I got you good and curious?  It will be a late post for me tomorrow but I hope you will find it worth the wait...I know I will.  The weather looks perfect if a bit on the hot side but the sea air will help a lot.  I'm so excited!!!

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