The Pizza Lover

I sent my husband to town for groceries, and he came home with a big stack of Dr. Oetker frozen pizzas. They are our favorite brand, and we call them Dr. Oinkers just for fun. Our top flavors are the pepperoni pizzas and the veggie pizzas. When we make them, not a bite is ever left!

I came home to find the (empty) pizza boxes arranged neatly on the bed. Of course, as soon as I went in to investigate, I had very good help. For Dexter is a pizza lover from way back when. (He enjoys playing with the boxes, OK? We give him little bites of cheese but nothing beyond that.)

The pizzas were on sale for $4 each, which is a decent price for frozen pizza. My husband also saved $14 on his gasoline fill-up, thanks to purchasing the pizzas. It was a deal he just couldn't pass up.

So in the coming ultra-hot days ahead, guess who will be sitting comfortably inside the house in the air conditioning, with a good book, a cold drink, and a nice slice of hot and tasty pizza? THIS GIRL, that's who!  :-)

Dexter might have chosen the song O Solo Miaoowww to go with this, but here's a better one, I think. For when the moona hits your eye like a bigga pizza pie, that's amore. . . . Here is Dean Martin, with the tune That's Amore.

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