Mist Step?

Had a really good time in London and we arrived at our local station at 11.55pm.
Walking down Station Road l was just commenting on how we had walked over 40 miles in three days when wham l fell....
Not sure why, no dizzy spell, not dehydrated, nothing that l felt made me trip but l fell onto my chest with a thump.
Lots of people to help , find my specs, helping me up etc but l was shook up and so was Mr P.
We made the last few hundred yards home in shock :usual injuries: grazed cheekbone, elbow and hands.
A rather painful night and l went to the local minor injuries unit in Otley this morning.
Heavy bruising around my ribcage but thankfully nothing broken.
Not great when l sneeze as l do get hay fever!
Won’t be going far for the next couple of days so my blip is one of the flowers from a packet of mixed wildflower seeds sprinkled at the end of the garden.
Nigella or my preferred name of Love in a Mist is my entry for Flower Friday ( thanks Anni) and Wildflower Week 3 ( thanks Miranda).

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