Playing Around

While I was sitting in the doorway of Aziz' shop at lunch time, minding the stall,  I considered what might be suitable targets for a spot of multi exposure in camera.. The market stalls are clad in plastic coated white canvas with bold colour motifs. I thought it might be good to pick out the colours.

But as luck would have it, the neighbouring elements in the frame were included and, I think, make it much more interesting. How to spend half an hour playing with one's camera.

Missed the 3pm bus back home to Shepshed because I went gluten free food shopping in Marks and Spencer and then stopped at Muffin Break next door for a really fresh cup of tea and a muffin.

Backtracked to the Berber Shop, where I was able to rest in my chair for 15 minutes before setting out for the other bus. Left the shop too early and spent 11 minutes waiting for the bus in the sun.

See my photos of the gorgeous Fiona Manneh in Nottingham yesterday on Flickr.

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