Agapanthus in the Rain

I didn't get up until after midday. Len brought me breakfast in bed which was luxurious for me.

I simply didn't feel inspired. To be honest, I have a persistent cough, a relic of the infection I had at the beginning of the month. If it's the same tomorrow, I'm heading to see a doctor.

But I did finally get up and headed out late to the garden for a blip. Len has planted the agapanthus I bought two weeks and everything was dripping with rain. I even put a macro lens on the camera and mounted it on a tripod, hoping to get some photos suitable for stacking. It didn't work. Too much differential movement between shots.

Look at the top of the photo and you should see a brown blur. An insect intruded into my field of view. Perhaps he was thirsty. The raindrops are exquisite.

I really had better go and cook the dinner now.

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