Back To Malvern

I had such a good time in Malvern a couple of weeks ago and there were more places I wanted to see, so I decided to return again this week instead of trying somewhere new. I even parked at the very same place at the campsite. They were surprised to see me back! My spot gives me a very good view of the Malvern Hills. I’m about 3 miles east of the town of Malvern.

On the way here I stopped to have lunch with my very dear blip-friend, HoneycombeBeach (HCB), and Mr HCB, both also known as Maureen and John! We always have lots to talk about and found some interesting connections this time. I love them dearly and feel privileged to have got to know them thought Blipfoto. We has a delicious lunch together, eating in the garden before it got TOO hot! See extra photo.

More adventures tomorrow!

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