By Leiflife

A Day for Smiling

Saturdays often are, especially for this little guy. Each Saturday morning, we visit Lorna at the Shearwater Pottery showroom. Since Lumen first came to live with me, and could fit in my cupped hands, he has smiled, wiggled, and squeaked in response to Lorna's greeting. She definitely speaks his language, never holding back her joy at their mutual exchange. Lorna is an older lady like me, but she gets down on one knee and scoops him up and delights in his enthusiastic "kisses". I stand back and watch their pleasure with wonder and gratitude.

Sometimes customers come before we leave to continue our walk. This means bonus time for the sociable little dog. More happy voices, rubs, and smiles. More admiration when he sits at their feet, not jumping up, but looking his love and expectation... 

On the Saturday morning of this picture, I found myself just as open to joyful exchange as Lumen. A couple came in. She was from Spain, and dressed in a flower strewn sundress that seemed to echo her propensity for smiling. Her husband had fallen in love with the her Spanish vivacity and brought her home to Texas. They were both aglow with happiness, and they both admired my little dog, the pottery, and Lorna's friendliness. I was drawn to both of them, but especially to the Spanish senorita, and was more talkative than usual. 

When it was time for them to leave, I found myself summoning courage to take it further, to invite them to my house, to let my light truly shine. This was regardless of breakfast dishes in the sink and dog toys literally strewn everywhere. Their response was unhesitating, and we walked down the road, up the path, and into my world. Soon my face was not unlike Lumen's face, smiling shamelessly at the pleasure of mutual exchange, transformed by allowing myself to be wholly visible. Nothing held back...


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