By Leiflife

A Magical Room

Since this date my days have been all about dance, culminating in Summer's and my performance in the Walter Anderson Museum Community Center. But before our performance, which I do not yet have photos from, I invited the children participating in WAMA's art camp to enter that magical room to discover movement and freedom a la Airth. As many of you know, Airth is a word standing for the union of Air and Earth. Dancing through Airth is a means of realizing that union in oneself, thus setting free one's individual dance to relate to the dance of another. In fact, other ceases to be other and communion is possible. 

When the performance was postponed last week due to Cindy, I still got to dance in that magical room and had the joy of seeing Airth manifest in an enthusiastic group of children, including my two youngest grandchildren, Julia and Bryce. (In one of the extras, Bryce is in the foreground and Julia is dancing "the air is tangible" in the background with a partner.) This week on the day before our performance, I danced with another group of art camp children. Extras of those dancers, too.  

The last extra was taken on the day of the performance : MOVEMENT IS BORN. It is once more of Shearwater Road, but on the way out and on my way to yet again dance in the room my father painted when I was a child just beginning my dancing relationship with that magical room. This time I would dance with with Summer for the first time in that room, and it was glorious and timeless. The woman danced and the child came forth. Bravo!

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