This picture is from my morning swim. There were some nice waves. Not too big or scary early in the morning, but I bet they were lot bigger few hours later. It's been windy for 2 days now. We see the mountains a bit better, but the air is not clear yet. I'm feeling a bit better, but still runny nose combined with a lot of sneezing.

Today I finished the sofa cover and managed to make two pillow cases.

I hope I make the rest of the pillowcases tomorrow as I want to move on to making the small sofa cover upstairs. I need to change the material box for that, so I hope to get this project done first. It's a mess at the moment. It feels a bit stupid to  first make little pieces and then sew them back together. BTW I'm trying to make the pillow cases so that they match the new sofa cover and the future one that is till in my head.

I also trimmed Buddha and cleaned all 12 paws today. It's a huge job! I was all itchy on evening walk and all I could think of was getting into shower and washing all fur dust off me.

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