Today has been a little better than yesterday. Yesterday we saw no mountains in the horizon, this morning we started to see some outlines. It's been windy, and coming from east, so I hope it will chase the bad air elements to west and let us breath.

Today I have spent the whole long day doing a couch cover mostly from recycled scrap materials. I have a huge box where I put all the small pieces for later use. So this morning I opened the box and started to do something that would perhaps result to a couch cover. 

You can see it here:

One piece is still missing, but the doggies don't mind. I also wanted make some throw pillows with the same fabrics.

We have a small couch upstairs. While I was doing this, I got an idea for a new cover for that one too. So that is next in line. Too bad that one of the machines is acting up. I just got another one fixed with a belt my parents brought from Finland. I did the diagnose of the machine myself. I opened it ans checked it and thought that a new belt could do the trick. Mr. Husband changed the belt and the machine is good as new. Now the other one is messing with the threads. I need to check that with fresh eyes.

Picture is from evening swim. It's been a hot day and the water had a nice cooling effect. But being outside did not do good for my symptoms. But it was really nice. We went to the Calas de Santa Pola as it's positioned a bit differently. The sea was mostly calm there as it was moderate waves in the usual beach. It's good to have choices.

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