Hot hot hot
Fifth day of the heatwave I believe. We are on survival mode now. It’s been the hottest day so far. What to me is terrible that I’m finding this hard to cope with and we are not even in the worst area. I really don’t understand how people cope in those areas.

We took the dogs for their afternoon pee around 1 pm. I had to carry Buddha back after 300 meters. It was just too much for him. Early morning they are fine and later in the evening around sunset they are just fine. Luckily. They also got their flavoured water to make sure they drink enough. Today I made them yogurt flavour.
I did some sewing in the morning before it got too hot. Mostly I’m just laying around watching tv and drinking as much as I possibly can. Today we’ve watched remake of Footloose. And now we are watching 2019 Shaft. So the theme for today is warming up classics :-)
I’ve tried to drink so much, but clearly not enough as one hour at the beach and it came back. Watching tv and drinking water and ice tea and I get a headache!
The Welsh ladies bought a new house and got the keys on Friday. The previous owners left behind everything. Toothbrushes, toilet brushes, food to the cabinets, everything. So they’ve been  cleaning the house and donating stuff and furniture to people for two days. I offered to go have my own looting, but they had already put aside fabrics they found for me. And the clothes hangers I asked for if anyone else would not want them. So I have two big piles of fabrics I will sort tomorrow. Some of it will go to charity as they are, but some are usable for me. It’s just too hot to work on the today, so my Christmas will wait for tomorrow.

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