By wellsforzoe

Our Little Man Fortunate.

30th June 2018:

Rose Writes:

Here you are with the pictures from Fortunate. 
He has received a donation of "bicycle" from SJOG and he is very happy.

He is a big boy now growing very healthy he can talk and he is doing fine at school.

Needs: he needs a book bag  and a pair of shoes the ones we bought one of them has worn out. 
I brought him his food for the month and expenses for going to school and hospital
Catherine his mother here with him is very thankful for the support you are giving.


Two of our childcare student volunteers from DIT found Fortunate crawling around with his brothers one day, unable to walk or talk, when he was about a year old. In a country like Malawi death might have somehow been a better option.

But we came on board, with food and clothes and assisted his poor mother and to meet his needs and the needs of her three other children.

As time went on little by little we discovered that he was improving so we found an organisation called 500 miles from Scotland working in the Hospital, who provided him with special boots to support his legs over a long period and now he is walking. We also provided transport to St John of God special needs school and they supported him with schooling and physio.

Rose visits them once a month on Pay Day and makes sure he doesn't want for anything.

I met him two months ago.
He is as bright as a button, enjoying life and he will be like King of his Castle with his new Chariot

Thanks to all who have cared for them and supported us to improve a little man's life

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