By wellsforzoe

Dealing with Abuse

2 July 2018:

Florence here on her computer is head of our Girl Child Project where she looks after and manages to lives of 262 girls, that we support in Secondary School.

More recently she has been invited to work with sections of Ministry dealing with Victim Protection in run by the Police Department and funded by the UK Government through DIFID

Florence Wrote Yesterday;
One of the parents came to my office this morning complaining about her girl child who forced to get married to a man who has two wives already, so the parents was reporting to Wells for Zoe and looking for a help to get the child back to her home to continue schooling, 
Can I go further with this case? I want your comment

I wrote back immediately and gave her full support to pursue the case, even though the girl is 18 since April. I found that her parents had got no payment and was distraught.

This morning Florence wrote:

Good morning Boss,
We are back from Victim Support police.  They welcomed us and will take over the issue .
They asked us to help them with transport in the afternoon to collect the man  from his home village and arrest him today.
Why they said like this is that;
* he did a forced marriage
* the girl was still on School and etc.

This girl has just completed Second Year in Secondary school, with two years to go and it is the view of Florence that we need to make an example of such cases for the good of all our little ones

Brave woman Florence.

Note: Had a little smile in that a tiny organisation like WfZ have to come to the aid of the Empire to do their job !!

But delighted to help, any time

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