Purple chilli

Spent much of today hiding indoors from the heat (which doesn't really work, given that our flat is a sun and heat trap).  Popped down to Sainsburys just after lunch, to pick up a couple of things for tonight's dinner, and gave my Mum a call on the way.  My sister had told me she'd got another infection and was on some rather scary sounding antibiotics - but she sounded remarkably good and was thankfully feeling OK so far.  She did feel a bit rubbish later on, so my sister went round and took her some tea in bed.

Watched yet more World Cup football and gradually wilted as the day went on.  I still hadn't taken a photo by this evening, so turned my camera on our purple chilli plant.  If I'd had more energy, I might have set up my tripod, instead here's a slightly noisy handheld shot.

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