By Wildwood

Neither OilMan nor I can remember the details of how or why we decided a piano was essential, or even desirable in our new home. We bought it because it is a Steinway upright grand and because it was cheap. It was cheap because it had been painted white. All of it. Dirty white.

Neither OilMan nor I can remember how it wound up at our house--it weighs a ton. I do remember that it made it into our back patio where I set to work stripping all the white paint off. At some point my brother came by and offered to help in exchange for the old fashioned stool with the swivel seat. He still has the piano stool. I still have one panel on the top painted white....

Since it never got played much, we periodically talked about getting rid of it. But it had settled right into its corner behind the sofa, and the pictures from our children's weddings looked nice on top of it. It never seemed particularly important to move it. (Except when we had the floor refinished.)

We are pleased that #1 son and #2 granddaughter want it. I hope it doesn't wind up in their garage.

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