Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

Out and about round Musselburgh today, which allowed me to blip the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh memorial stone. The stone is just outside Wallyford near the A1 road.

The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, sometimes known as the Battle of Pinkie, took place on 10 September 1547 on the banks of the River Esk near Musselburgh, Scotland. The last pitched battle between Scottish and English armies, it was part of the conflict known as the Rough Wooing, and is considered to be the first modern battle in the British Isles. It was a catastrophic defeat for Scotland, where it became known as Black Saturday. It has suggested that up to 15,000 Scottish soldiers were killed while there were 600 English soldiers killed.

Although they had suffered a resounding defeat, the Scottish government refused to come to terms. The infant Queen Mary was smuggled out of the country to France to be betrothed to the young dauphin Francis. Lord Somerset (who led the English forces) occupied several Scottish strongholds and large parts of the Lowlands and Borders, but without peace these garrisons became a useless drain on the Treasury of England.

Again, another example of the futility of war.

Anyway, onto brighter things, i spend the afternoon in the garden attempting to make it brighter and more colourful.

I hope you have had a good day.

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