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Fiesta Sao Pietro

Today is the Fiesta of St Peter. We've been hearing fireworks going off all day.

Last week it was St John and when I was here last year it was St Anthony, big on Fiestas in June it seems.

We are spending the night in the Douro Valley, not as far down as the big wine estates we visited yesterday but in the more inhabited areas though there are still vines everywhere. We drove though the mountains rather than through the Autopista tunnels to get here following the Rota dos Vinhos Verdes. The main area for producing grapes for the fresh, crisp Vinho Verde which is drunk young.

Our hotel overlooks the valley and we decided to head down to the river as we arrived quite early. Not as easy as it sounds. The twisty roads head up and down and in and out with the railway on one embankment and only a couple bridges crossing the river. It took quite some time to travel a relatively short distance.

On our way back we saw red warning triangles in the road but no sign of a broken down car. It was this parade for Sao Pietro. It was led by what looked like girl guides and a band. Interestingly it seems like mainly women carrying the statues and flowers. Not the best shot as it was taken from the car window as we were waved past but I thought it summed up the day and a change from the views.

Our hotel had been built around an old tiled house which houses the bar and restaurant. The rest is very modern.
We are having a drink (me a white port JustSally) before dinner. Vinho Verde may be my choice tipple with dinner.

(This has been my third attempt at uploading so I may not manage anything else this evening)

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